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Tutti Frutti is a seminal debut poetry collection by Konstandinos Mahoney. Second prize winner in the Sentinel Poetry Book Competition 2017 judged by Roger Elkin - a multi-award-winning poet, literary editor and creative writing tutor, Tutti Frutti celebrates humanity and relationships with vivid, juicy, colourful language and images.Konstandinos Mahoney, a Greek-Irish-English Londoner, has lived abroad as long as he has lived at home. He teaches Creative Writing at The University of Hong Kong and blogs for the Asian Literary Review. Winner of the Poetry Society Stanza Competition, his poems have been widely published in magazines. Videos of his poems are available on YouTube, e.g. Hong Kong Bar Hop. His plays have been staged in London and Hong Kong, broadcast on the BBC and worldwide. @KonstandinosMa2Cover Art - “Tutti Frutti Graffiti” by Lydia Wu YeungPhotograph by Lidya Nada.
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