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Every student needs high-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to succeed in an academic setting. Skillful focuses on each of these skills with engaging presentations, instant practice, and complete immersion. Students develop language skills by way of interesting content from the world around them, while building critical thinking skills that are vital for academic success. The course takes a skills-based approach, distinguishing between and global and close skills. The skills boxes that appear throughout the book signal the topic focus to the teacher, while providing the students with relevant tips, vocabulary, and key phrases. The study skills section develops this further, providing practical guidance and support, and building confidence for independent learning. Key features: - a comprehensive digital component including a page-faithful Digibook and Skillful practice area with interactive activities and video material - opportunities in each unit to engage critically with issues and to develop skills such as evaluating and synthesizing information - systematic development of practical study skills through case studies and material from Stella Cottrell, author of the bestselling title Study Skills Handbook - flexible approach, with the ability to use each book as distinct skills texts or in tandem to create an integrated four-skills text.
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