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More great fiction of the strange from Bram StokerThe fifth and final book in Leonaur's collection of the macabre fiction of Bram Stoker includes a strange and gothic tale that illustrates the author's finely drawn perception of dark and ominous places and the sinister aspects of human nature. The evocatively titled 'The Snakes Pass' is joined here by a final gripping selection of Stoker's shorter fiction including two novelettes, 'The Watter's Mou' and 'The Chain of Destiny,' and five short stories, 'The Coming of Abel Behenna,' 'Buried Treasures,' 'Death in the Wings,' 'A Lesson in Pets,' and-so there is no doubt that this is a Bram Stoker collection-'The Spectre of Doom.' Stoker's loyal enthusiasts will, we trust, value this opportunity to read and possess perhaps an unprecedented collection of his finest fiction gathered together in this special coordinated Leonaur five volume set.
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